• Founder~Stript Wax Bar

The Increased Importance of Self-Care

Even though we have all been through a rough time during the last few months and may be feeling a bit prickly (both inside and out), there are many things you can do to bring some joy and happiness into your life and that is the importance of self-care. The little things really do matter and especially in the initial months of lockdown, taking care of your mental health and being careful of exposure was top of mind. However, after all these months of isolation, distance, and no haircuts or beauty services to be found, we’re all feeling a little out of sorts.

Now that waxing salons and other beauty services are opening up, it’s time to reinvest in yourself and do something nice just for your personal well-being and your body. The benefits of waxing go far beyond simple removal of body hair: waxing is also about doing something to take care of yourself and that makes you feel better both physically and mentally. Though a waxing service may be a small indulgence, it’s still a treat-- to you, from you and can make a huge impact. The way you look and the way you feel are so intrinsically connected and just giving yourself that extra little boost can have a prfound effect. Being taken care of in any capacity can be just the kind of pampering your body and mind both need. Stript Wax Bar in both Palo Alto and San Francisco is ready to take on your quarantine hair growth and to do so with the kindness and thoughtfulness you deserve after these trying months.

At home, there are plenty of ways to keep up with your beauty routine and recharging yourself during this stressful time. Consider picking up a high-quality, nourishing body scrub, bath soak or body butter from Body Crush Skin to ramp up your bath time routine and make your house feel like a spa.

Remember, though these past six months have felt like the hardest for many of us, you are strong and resilient. Make sure you take care of yourself so that you can take care of everything else!

Smooth regards,

Katherine Goldman