• Founder~ Body Crush Skin

Body Crush Skin Debut

A new natural line of skin and body products available at Stript Wax Bar and online

While waiting to re-open Stript Wax Bar and as a licensed esthetician for the last 15 years, it has always been my dream to create, design and produce a line of all natural and vegan skin and body products. The last few months have given me the time to do just that and I am so happy to both announce my product line, Body Crush Skin and be able to offer them both online and at Stript Wax Bar locations.

Never one to sit still and with dreams of helping others I decided to launch a holistic skin and body care line that was handcrafted with the best ingredients and free from harmful chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors or fragrances. This is how Body Crush Skin was created! I wanted a way to still reach people with their skincare needs and products seemed to be the best way.

I delved into product formulations, ingredients and lot’s of home testing (On family!) One of my good friends gave me inspiration after mistakenly ordering raw shea butter for her dry skin. In its raw form this product is not easy to work with and she came to me and asked if I could do anything with it. I immediately decided to create a highly concentrated and moisturizing body butter along with other natural ingredients such as coconut oil, cocoa butter and pure essential oils. I gave my friend the finished product and she is currently obsessed with it as it healed her chronic dry skin. The best part of being an esthetician is helping people with their skincare needs and any skin issues so it was completely gratifying to create a product that healed her dry skin!

After formulating two body butters, I decided to launch a line complete with relaxing bath soaks, body scrubs, body oils and more! I am very proud to not only formulate but also manufacture all of the products in my line. I wanted to know that each ingredient was the best and in its purest form. I encourage you to view my products at and hope you will enjoy them and give yourself a little “Me Time”.

With gratitude,

Katherine Goldman

Founder~ Body Crush Skin